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I am resuming this blog after a lapse of almost 4 months. I am trying to find something to fit in the present situation in India. Alliances for convenience seem to be the trend at this time. I dont see the passion that our freedom fighters had for our country and its well-being. Just read this letter of Sri Aurobindo to His countrymen extracted from “Bande Mataram”.

(An incomplete essay from the period before the partition of Bengal.)

An open letter to those

who despair of their Country
To the sons of our mother Bharat who disclaim their sonhood,
to the children of languor and selfishness, to the wooers of safety
& ease, to the fathers of despair and death—greeting.
To those who impugning the holiness of their Mother refuse
to lift her out of danger lest they defile their own spotless hands,
to those who call on her to purify herself before they will save
her from the imminent & already descending sword of Death,
Lastly to those who love & perhaps have striven for her but
having now grown themselves faint and hopeless bid others to
despair and cease,—to them also greeting.
Brothers,—for whether unwise friends or selfish enemies of
my Mother, you are still her children,—there is a common voice
among you spreading dismay and weakness in the hearts of the
people; for you say to each other and to all who would speak
to you of their country, “Let us leave these things and look to
our daily bread; this nation must perish but let us at least and
our children try to live while live we can. We are fallen and
depraved and our sins grow upon us day by day; we suffer &
are oppressed and oppression increases with every setting of the
sun; we are weak and languid and our weakness grows weaker
and our languor more languid every time the sun rises in the east.
We are sick and broken; we are idle and cowardly; we perish
every year from famine and plague; disease decimates us, with
every decade poverty annihilates family after family; where there
were a hundred in one house, there are now ten; where there was
once a flourishing village, the leopard and the jackal will soon
inhabit. God is adverse to us and ourselves our worst enemies;
we are decaying from within and smitten from without. The
sword has been taken out of our hands and the bread is being
taken out of our mouths. Worst of all we are disunited beyond
hope of union and without union we must ere long perish. It
may be five decades or it may be ten, but very soon this great
and ancient nation will have perished from the face of the earth
and the negro or the Malay will inherit the homes of our fathers
& till the fields to glut the pockets & serve the pleasure of
the Englishman or the Russian. Meanwhile it is well that the
Congress should meet once a year & deceive the country with
an appearance of life; that there should be posts for the children
of the soil with enough salary to keep a few from starving, that
a soulless education should suck the vigour & sweetness out of
body&heart&brain of our children while flattering them with
the vain lie that they are educated & enlightened; for so shall
the nation die peacefully of a sort of euthanasia lapped in lies &
comforted with delusions and not violently & in a whirlwind of
horror and a great darkness of fear & suffering.”
With such Siren song do you slay the hearts of those who
have still force and courage to strive against Fate and would
rescue our Mother out of the hands of destruction. Yet I would
willingly believe that matricides though you are, it is in ignorance.
Come therefore, let us reason calmly together.
Is it indeed [incomplete]

– sri Aurobindo


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