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This is my first blog post. I have chosen the Lotus as my header. Lotus is India‘s National Flower. I also believe that India is like the Lotus. With all the dirty politics around, we know that India has something which is pure gold. India has its own original world vision and thats what we have to re invent and interpret for the future. The young deserve the best and one has to turn to India‘s infinite wisdom to inspire the youth and provide them with an agenda for the future. I am going to start with a classic piece of writing of Sri Aurobindo.“It has been driven home to us by experience after experience, that not in the strength of a raw unmoralised European enthusiasm shall we conquer. Indians, it is the spirituality of India, the sadhana of India, tapasya, jnanam, shakti that must make us free and great. And these great things of the East are ill-rendered by their inferior English equivalents, discipline, philosophy, strength. Tapasya is more than discipline; it is the materialisation in ourselves by spiritual means of the divine energy creative, preservative and destructive. Jnanam is more than philosophy, it is the inspired and direct knowledge which comes of what our ancients called drishti, spiritual sight. Shakti is more than strength, it is the universal energy which moves the stars, made individual. It is the East thatmust conquer in India’s uprising. It is the Yogin who must stand behind the

political leader or manifest within him; Ramdas must be born in one body with Shivaji, Mazzini mingle with Cavour. The divorce of intellect and spirit, strength and purity may help a European revolution, but by a European strength we shall not conquer. The movements of the last century failed because they were too purely intellectual and had not an enlightened heart behind them. Nationalism has striven to supply the deficiency; it has poured the inspirations of the heart into a swifter and more discerning intellectual activity. But Nationalism also has been defective; it has been Indian in sentiment and aspiration, European in practice and actuality.

 I hope to be able to bring writings on how to apply the principles of Integral Yoga propounded by Sri Aurobindo into various areas of development. I also invite contributions by young Indians on contemporary subjects and on how to resolve various problems faced by our country. To conclude:  


“Our first necessity, if India is to survive and do her appointed work in the world, is that the youth of India should learn to think, – to think on all subjects, to think independently, fruitfully, going to the heart of things, not stopped by their surface, free of prejudgments, shearing sophism and prejudice asunder as with a sharp sword, smiting down obscurantism of all kinds as with the mace of Bhima…”. (India‘s Rebirth by Sri Aurobindo).   


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